This is a blog of the 4th grade class in la Farigola de Vallcarca School in Barcelona. This year we are doing “Aula de Ciències” in English.
In this blog we want to show you the experiments we do in our Science Lab. Science is fun!

dimecres, 6 d’octubre de 2010

Jumping egg

Two glasses
Two eggs
- Fill a glass with water and put one egg into it.
- Fill the second glass with vinegar and put another egg in.
- Wait three or four days.
- The egg in vinegar hasn't got a shell. It's bigger and darker than the egg in water.
Vinegar is an acid and dissolves the calcium in the eggshell. It is calcium that makes the shell hard. A thin flexible membrane just under the shell still holds the egg's shape.
Water does nothing to the eggshell.