This is a blog of the 4th grade class in la Farigola de Vallcarca School in Barcelona. This year we are doing “Aula de Ciències” in English.
In this blog we want to show you the experiments we do in our Science Lab. Science is fun!

dijous, 12 de novembre de 2009

A funny mixture

MATERIALS: Cornflour Water Food colouring A bowl A spoon INSTRUCTIONS: - Put two glasses of cornflour into the bowl. - Add a glass of water and four or five drops of food colouring. - Mix everything. - Make a ball in your hands. Is it a solid or a liquid? - Hold it up in your hand. Is it a solid or a liquid?


The mixture is solid and liquid at the same time. Cornflour is made of lots of long tiny particles (molecules) which don't dissolve in water but spread themselves out. When you make a ball in your hands the particles join together and it looks like a solid; but when you hold it up the particles slide over each other and it looks like a liquid.

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  1. this experiment is very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Last week my brother and I did this experiment at home and it was very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I'm Leila. I'm Marina this experiment is
    very funny!!!!!!!!!!!.
    (es podia menjar perquè estava fet de farina)

  4. This experiment it's very very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll try it at home with my family