This is a blog of the 4th grade class in la Farigola de Vallcarca School in Barcelona. This year we are doing “Aula de Ciències” in English.
In this blog we want to show you the experiments we do in our Science Lab. Science is fun!

dilluns, 26 de març de 2012

Lung capacity

- A tank
- A tube
- A plastic bottle with capacity measures
- Water

- Fill the tank with water.
- Fill the bottle with water and put the tube in it.
- Put the bottle upside down in the tank.
- Fill your lungs and blow in the tube.
- Look at your lung capacity in the bottle.

You fill your lungs as much as you can and  when you blow through the tube, all this air goes into the bottle and expels the water in the bottle, it occupies its place.


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