This is a blog of the 4th grade class in la Farigola de Vallcarca School in Barcelona. This year we are doing “Aula de Ciències” in English.
In this blog we want to show you the experiments we do in our Science Lab. Science is fun!

dilluns, 28 de setembre de 2009

Colour Symphony

MATERIALS: 3 plastic plates 3 bottles of food colouring skimmed milk white glue water dishwashing detergent INSTRUCTIONS: - Put the milk in a plate (better if it is a little warm). - Add some drops of food colouring in a triangle or square pattern. - Put a drop of soap in the middle of the food colouring design and watch the colours move. - Try it with glue and water. WHY: Milk has fat in it and the soap breaks up the fat. The food colouring swirls into places where the fat used to be.Soap also prevents glue from sticking together. Nothing happens with water. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT? Write your opinion.

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  1. Submitted on 2009/09/29 at 4:57pm
    Congratulations for this new idea.
    I’m in the class with these children. I’m every day with them. Speaking, working and playing. I can feel a great motivation. Motivation for learning and discovering new things.

    This blog is made by Marta (their English teacher). And I see that this blog is useful for parents too. They can see the different experiments that their children do in the laboratory.

    And children can comment in English if they like the experiment, if they want to know more and more, about what they have learned …

    So, I invite the families to enter 2 or 3 times (or more) every month to see the experiments and talk to their children. Speak all together about their learnings in the classes.

    Good luck.
    Teacher Jose

  2. Thanks Jose for your first comment and help! Marta.

  3. I like this experiment. It's a very good idea.

  4. Hello!! I´m Oriol. The laboratory in English is very interesting, always learning with Marta.
    Oriol Andreu Abellán.

  5. I liked this experiment very much. I hope all the experiments will be like this.


  6. I like this experiment and no (le provat) in the
    house. Roger.

  7. I made this experiment at home and I enjoyed a lot.David Nebot Vallés

  8. Hello!!!!my name josecarlos.This experiment is
    fantastic and funny.

  9. This experiment is very cool and very nice.